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  • Relieves eye stress
  • Strengthens eye nerves
  • Helpful in treating eye itching & redness
  • Improves vision naturally
  • Stimulates & strengthens eye muscles

Jiva Eye Combo contains Ayunetra, Dhyan Chakshu and Rose Water Plain. Jiva Ayunetra Eye Drop is a powerful antiseptic solution, with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which soothes redness, irritation and dryness in eyes. It is helpful in clearing pollutants, irritants and improves vision clarity. Dhyan Chakshu is a simple and natural way to treat vision related problems. It trains the eye muscles, improves blood supply, and increases the degree of accommodation. Rose water plan is a multipurpose toner containing the purest essence of rose petals. Rose is cooling in nature. It cools and freshens the eye.


Effective in common eye problems like redness, itching and weak vision.


Punarnava and Triphala in Jiva Ayunetra lubricates anterior ocular region. Aloe indica is helpful in treating itching and inflammation. Melia azadirachta is effective in night blindness & pain in the eye. Mentha sylvestris & Camphora provides cooling effect to the eyes & calms nerve endings. Honey protects eye from redness, tiredness and strain caused by bright screens, reading or driving. Dhyan Chakshu covers the eyes completely, allowing light to filter in through these minute lenses. This forces the eyes to concentrate, thereby exercising and stimulating them. Rose Water relieves redness and fatigue of the eye.



Ingredients :-

Dhyan Chakshu 1Pcs

Rose Water Plain (100ML * 1pcs)

AyuNetra (10ML * 1PCs)

Direction :-

Ayunetra Eye Drops: Apply 2 or 3 drops of Jiva Ayunetra Eye Drop, thrice daily. Dhyan Chakshu: Use it while reading, writing, exercising, using the computer, or watching TV. Use the glasses for about 3 hours a day, uninterrupted. Rose Water Plain: Spray a little amount on your eyes.

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