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Kasna Syrup

Non-sedative cough syrup and expectorant
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  • Excellent for all respiratory diseases.
  • Contains Tulsi, Adoosa, Mulethi, Kooth and Bala which have profound effect on respiratory tract.
  • Has fine Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Protects respiratory system, acts as expectorant
  • Has a non-sedative cough formula.

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It is an effective Ayurvedic cough formula that is safe and non-sedative. It contains herbs such as Tulsi, Adoosa, Mulethi, Kooth, Bala and Banafsha. Anti-inflammatory nature of Tulsi helps protect the entire respiratory system. Adoosa acts as expectorant and dilates the bronchioles. Mulethi is also an effective expectorant. Kateli protects the respiratory tract from harmful effects of histamines, which are liberated during allergic cough


All types of coughs


It protects the respiratory tract from harmful effects of histamines. It has non-sedative properties. Tulsi is ushna virya and kapha vata shamak. It is kashar and swashar. Tulsi is a muscle relaxant & immunomodulator. It has antibacterial, antifungal & antiviral properties. Adhatoda vasica is considered useful in treating bronchitis, asthma and other lung and bronchiole disorders. It works as an expectorant. Liquorice eases congestion and loosens mucus. Liquorice also helps to relax bronchial spasms. Pistacia Integerrima is also expectorant in nature and also prevents formation of cough. It gives strength to mucus membrane and it is ushna (warm) in nature. Hyssopus Officinalis works as an antiseptic, cough reliever and expectorant.

Manufacturer Details:

Mfg. Lic. No.: 110-ISM(HR)

Made In India

  • Pipal Badi
  • Kuth Meetha
  • Kanthkari
  • Mulethi – Licorise
  • Kasmard
  • Pushkara
  • Jufa
  • Gul Banafsha
  • Pipla Mool
  • Kakra Singhi
  • Tulsi – Ocimum sanctum
  • Adusa( Vasa )
  • Take 5 to 10 ml of syrup, twice or thrice daily.
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