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  • Works on Ayurvedic Tratak principle
  • Improves vision naturally
  • Stimulates and trains eye muscles
  • Universal glasses, can be worn by anyone
  • Helps regain accommodation power
  • Strengthens eye muscles for protection against glare and screen fatigue

Dhyan Chakshu is a simple and natural way to treat vision related problems. Dhyan Chakshu is designed according to the 'Ayurvedic Tratak principle' which trains and strengthens eye muscles. By limiting the peripheral vision, Dhyan Chakshu trains the eye muscles, improves blood supply, and increases the degree of accommodation. Daily use of at least 30 minutes help in improving clarity of vision, naturally. Jiva Dhyan Chakshu does not have a prescription lens in it, which makes it perfect for everybody. Professionals who work on computer screens, or use mobile screens for long periods of time benefit from the added advantage of protection against glare and screen fatigue.


Dhyan Chakshu is™ just for people with weak vision, it can also be used by people with perfect vision, so that they can exercise their eyes and keep them healthy for life.


Dhyan Chakshu covers the eyes completely, allowing light to filter in through these minute lenses. This forces the eyes to concentrate, thereby exercising and stimulating them.


Do not wear Dhyan Chakshu for any activity that needs you to use peripheral vision, like driving, walking on street or working with machines, tools and other kinds of equipment.

Direction :-

Dhyan Chakshu is very easy to use. All you have to do is wear it everyday as you go about your daily routine, like reading, writing, exercising, using the computer, or watching TV. Ideally, you should use the glasses for at least 30 minutes a day, uninterrupted. However, it’s recommended that you start off with whatever duration is comfortable to you and increase the time gradually. With regular use, you will be able to see noticeable improvement in vision in 5-6 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Praveen Tiwari

Earlier long back ago I was using this product. I used to feel good.
But this time I m not much comfortable as I was earlier.
But I am trying to use for more time

Sonali Tiwari
Dhyan chakshu

Good purchase .. value for money .It works effectively for eyes .

Bhavikkumar Laxman
Good for eyesight

V good

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Fit size and effective for eye problem