Tips to Prevent Monsoon Diseases

May 21, 2019 Jiva Ayurveda 0

The rains are nothing more than a long-awaited respite from the summers! The relief one experiences with the first drops of water and the petrichor that emanates from the earth is divine.

In a weather like the monsoons, one cannot stop oneself from staying out, but with the relief, also come a host of uninvited diseases. While a few of these can be easily treated, the rest of them can be life threatening such as skin infections, stomach infection, malaria, jaundice, cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea, dengue, viral fever, etc.

Do you know why these conditions can prove fatal? Yes, because we take these diseases very lightly and we don’t take preventive measures on time. Sometimes a small problem can have worse consequences. Problems like the common cold, skin rashes, viral fever, etc. are nothing but the outcomes of our leniency. Don’t ignore them.

Let’s say you feel an itch somewhere on your body and rather than having it checked by a doctor, you choose not to treat it, thinking that it will heal on its own. But, did you know that wounds and scratches heal more slowly in the monsoon season? And if you do not treat it or at times get a tetanus shot within 24 hours, then you are more prone to infections? And these infections can further form abces/pus on all over the body and make your days unbearable?

There are few tips through which can help you prepare for and handle monsoon diseases:

1.  Boost your immunity

How strong is your immunity? Immunity is nothing but the body’s resistance power to diseases. It can help fight off infections and bacteria. So, to boost your immunity, you have to increase the intake of Vitamin C. Jiva Ayurveda Giloy Juice helps boost your immunity and improving blood formation inside your body.

2.  Strictly stay away from street food

Though street food is tempting, you have to keep yourself away from it as you are more prone to diseases from eating food at such places. As we all aware, stomach infections and food poisoning are some of the most common problems which arise in monsoon due to the consumption of unhealthy and unhygienic street food. Avoid these, and boost your immunity.

For diarrhoea, flatulence and constipation, try Jiva Digestive Heath Combo

3.  Stay hydrated

Always try to increase your water intake to avoid dehydration. Either way, you can have lime juice, mineral water, juices, to stay hydrated. And, if you are blindly relying on the government water supply and are not using purifier or mineral water then start using one, or you can use the normal tap water and boil it and then you can use it for drinking and eating purpose.

4.  Clean and dry yourself immediately if you get wet in the rain

It’s essential that you clean and dry yourself immediately if you get wet in the rain as you might be carrying germs and bacteria along with yourself. These are communicable and you might end up spreading the germs and bacteria to your family members. Nevertheless, once you shower after getting drenched in the rain, the chances of getting affected by germs and bacteria gets reduced especially the viral flus and common cold.

5.  Wash before you eat

While consuming fruits and vegetables, you should always wash them thoroughly before you eat them, to ensure that they are clean and without germs and bacteria from the outside.

These tips can help keep you and your family safe from monsoon diseases. Stay healthy and enjoy this beautiful season by taking these measures… after all, prevention is better than cure. Try to implement these preventive measures & enjoy this monsoon season by taking care of you and your family’s health.