The Importance of Fixed Meal Times for Your Kids

Jun 11, 2019 Jiva Ayurveda 0

Kids tend to eat properly if they follow a routine. This is because eating at irregular times disrupts their body’s internal system. This, in turn, affects a child’s mental and physical well being.

Therefore, it’s essential for your child to eat regularly and on time. Here are the benefits of establishing a fixed meal time for your kids

  • The body’s cycle remains in sync
  • Their metabolism level is regulated
  • Excess ama is eliminated from the body

Now that we’ve covered up the benefits/advantages of fixed meal timings, let’s take a look at a few good practices that will help children stick to regular meal times.

  • Do not allow snacking between meals. This kills their appetite and puts them off their regular meals.
  • If they do get peckish, give them healthy snacks like fruit, dry fruits, or a bowl of soup. Keep the portion really small though so that they’re adequately hungry when it’s time to have a proper meal.
  • Involve your kids in the meal preparation process. This will not only get them to experience different flavours and ingredients, but they will also be more excited to have the meals they’ve helped prepare.
  • Turn off any and all distractions (like television, video games) half an hour before the meal is laid out. Involve the entire family in different chores so that they come together for lunch or dinner. For instance, your kid could help lay the table and your spouse could arrange the plates and glasses. Doing so will create discipline and get the entire family, including your children, into a routine.

Adhering to a strict mealtime does more than just improve the child’s health. It also ensures that the dietary habits acquired/instilled in childhood persist through adulthood.