The Ayurvedic perspective on Urticaeria

Jun 07, 2019 Jiva Ayurveda 0

Whoever has urticaeria and is fed up of anti-allergics needs Ayurvda’s magic.

In todays hectic life we have made the fast foods, cold drinks, cheese, chocolates a part of our life. They aggravate pitta in body and cause eruptions with itching & burning. This is urticaeria. Consuming pitta aggravating items instead of light to digest foods is responsible for urticaeria.

Cold wind has been blamed for it in Ayurveda. From modern perspectives it is urticaeria which can occur anywhere.

Causes & Spread of Disease

  1. Due to contact with cold air, kapha and vata get aggravated, combine with pitta and spread in skin and other internal dhatus like rakta and produce sheetapitta. Its eruptions are sometimes tiny while sometimes large like coins.
  2. In this disease, reddish eruptions or blisters appear which have itching and burning. When scratched, they grow even more.

Home Remedies

  1. Taking turmeric in milk not only glorifies the skin but also purifies the blood.
  2. Gairik (red ochre iron) and alum are applied on eruptions.
  3. Applying mint juice on urticaeria gives relief.
  4. We can also deal with the disease through proper food & lifestyle.
  5. Applying 1/4 cup rose water and 1/4 cup vinegor proves useful if eruptions have pain as well as burning.
  6. Bathing with cold water also helps in this state.
  7. Applying calamine lotion also proves beneficial.
  8. Aloe vera is also applied on burning lesions.


Before using these remedies, please take advice of an expert. Please remember, home remedies cannot replace medicines. If condition doesn’t improve, seek help from an expert.