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Pain Calm Oil (200 ml)

Natural relief for your muscle and joint pains
(114 customer reviews)


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  • Relieves joint and muscular pain
  • Controls swelling and inflammation of joints
  • Reduces stiffness and tension
  • Strengthens the bones and muscles

The oil works wonders in patients whose body movements are impaired, or whose major or minor joints are affected. It melts away ‘ama’ (toxin) deposits from the joints – the toxins that cause redness and swelling in the affected areas. This oil, a combination of effective classical formulas, releases muscular and nervous tension and ensures proper blood circulation that helps ease joint pains and stiffness.


This oil is excellent for pain relief in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, gout, cervical and joint pains, stiffness and backaches, frozen shoulders, sciatica and muscular sprains.



Manufacturer Details:

Mfg. Lic. No.: 110-ISM(HR)

Made In India

  • Kapoor
  • Pudina oil
  • Apply on the affected parts and massage gently.
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Ratings & reviews
114 ratings and
114 reviews
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114 reviews for Pain Calm Oil (200 ml)

  1. Pi**** ***r

    good product

  2. Pi**** ***r


  3. Pi**** ***r

    onion oil best for growth

  4. Ab**** ***t

    very useful and effective

  5. Ak**** ***t

    good product with delivery

  6. An**** ***v

    works great!

  7. Bh**** ***r

    delivery is on time product is good

  8. Bi**** ***n

    very useful product

  9. Ch**** ***v

    nice one

  10. Da**** ***r

    Very Good for relieving pain.

  11. Da**** ***t

    it is very nice oil

  12. Dh**** ***v

    Works very well! Gives relief to the backache!

  13. Eh**** ***n

    this has been used for muscle stiff ness and it is very effective

  14. Fa**** ***n

    Good oil a pain relief

  15. Ga**** ***v

    This is a one of the best pain oil.amazing product

  16. Gi**** ***h

    very good product

  17. Ha**** ***n

    Product is in good condition and delivery is very fast!!!

  18. Im**** ***n

    Nice product 😊👍👍👍

  19. Je**** ***t

    nice product from jiva

  20. Ka**** ***r

    very effective oil….

  21. Ka**** ***k

    An effective oil. Must try.❤️

  22. Kh**** ***d

    It is very good oil and give me relief as my knees and shoulders were affected from gathiya bay

  23. Lo**** ***h

    accha oil hai

  24. Ma**** ***v

    Good oil for pain

  25. Ni**** ***l

    It’s nice product…

  26. Ni**** ***t

    relieves pain effectively

  27. Pa**** ***h

    it works perfect

  28. Pr**** ***v

    nice pain relief oil

  29. Ra**** ***p

    mera dard chala gaya after consistent usage

  30. Sa**** ***l

    a true pain relief oil

  31. Sa**** ***r


  32. Sh**** ***d

    relieves all kind of pain

  33. Si**** ***h

    my swelling reduced

  34. Te**** ***s

    I use it for reducing muscle tension

  35. Tu**** ***r

    excellent pain relief oil for my grandma

  36. Um**** ***g

    good for health and pain relief

  37. Vi**** ***r

    bahut hi accha pain relief oil hai, mere muscular pain mein rahat hai

  38. Ya**** ***h

    does not irritate the skin and calms the pain

  39. Aa**** ***a

    Superb pain calm oil!!

  40. An**** ***i

    My dad loves this oil as it reduced his swelling ..

  41. Ap**** ***a

    does the job intended to do

  42. Ar**** ***a

    reduces muscle tension to great extent

  43. Bh**** ***i

    swelling is gone after consistent usage, nice product

  44. Ch**** ***a

    inflammation in the joints is reduced, great product!

  45. Ek**** ***a

    joint swelling and inflammation is under control, thanks!

  46. Ga**** ***r

    I was having muscle pain, this oil reduced it to a large extent

  47. Ha**** ***t


  48. Ka**** ***i


  49. La**** ***a

    too good!

  50. Ma**** ***a

    I use this oil for general massage as well, soothes the body

  51. Ar**** ***n

    Get instant relieve in my neck & shoulder pain

  52. Az**** ***d

    Nice packaging & effective product

  53. Am**** ***t

    Nice product

  54. De**** ***u

    Good product in affordable price

  55. An**** ***h

    My grand parents used it for leg pain, its really good & effective

  56. Bh**** ***h

    Highly recommended for muscular pains

  57. An**** ***d

    Very effective

  58. De**** ***h

    Excellent pain relieving oil

  59. Ch**** ***g

    Very effective

  60. Da**** ***h

    Good product & fast delivery

  61. Bh**** ***n

    Get instant relieve in my neck & shoulder pain

  62. Am**** ***a

    Nice product

  63. Ad**** ***a

    Fast delivery

  64. Mr**** ***l

    Highly recommended

  65. Pa**** ***t

    Good product & fast delivery

  66. Sa**** ***n

    Get instant relieve in my neck & shoulder pain

  67. Oj**** ***s

    My grand parents used it for leg pain, its really good & effective

  68. Pa**** ***t

    Excellent product

  69. Pa**** ***t

    Nice product

  70. On**** ***r

    Very effective

  71. Pa**** ***n

    Nice packaging & effective product

  72. Om**** ***m

    Fast delivery

  73. Mr**** ***l

    Good product & fast delivery

  74. Pa**** ***h

    Nice packaging & effective product

  75. Ro**** ***n

    Get instant relieve in my shoulder pain

  76. Pa**** ***z

    Nice product

  77. Pu**** ***b

    My grandmother used it for leg pain, its really good & effective

  78. Re**** ***n

    Good product in affordable price

  79. Ni**** ***h

    Good product & fast delivery

  80. Sa**** ***h

    Nice packaging & effective product

  81. Mo**** ***d

    Fast delivery

  82. Na**** ***t

    Good product & fast delivery

  83. Aa**** ***a

    Get instant relieve in my neck & shoulder pain

  84. Am**** ***a

    Highly recommended for muscular pains

  85. Bh**** ***e

    Nice packaging & effective product

  86. Ay**** ***a

    Get instant relieve in my neck pain

  87. Ch**** ***i

    Highly recommended

  88. Ch**** ***a

    My grand parents used it for leg pain, its really good & effective

  89. Ar**** ***o

    Nice & Fast delivery

  90. De**** ***a

    Highly recommended for muscular pains

  91. Aa**** ***a


  92. Ba**** ***r

    Nice and effective

  93. Ar**** ***a

    Nice and effective

  94. Di**** ***a

    Fantastic oil for pain

  95. Fa**** ***a

    Nice oil

  96. Ga**** ***i

    Highly recommended

  97. De**** ***a

    Good product

  98. Ar**** ***t

    Great oil for pain relieve

  99. Bh**** ***a

    Fast delivery

  100. Ai**** ***a

    Nice packaging & effective product

  101. An**** ***a

    Nice packaging & effective product

  102. Bi**** ***a

    Very nice

  103. Ch**** ***a

    Fast delivery

  104. Fa**** ***i

    Good product & fast delivery

  105. Ja**** ***i


  106. Gu**** ***n

    Good oil

  107. Ir**** ***a

    Very nice product for pain

  108. Ja**** ***n


  109. Fa**** ***h


  110. Ga**** ***a

    Wonderful oil for pain

  111. Ha**** ***i


  112. Ge**** ***a

    Liked it alot

  113. In**** ***i

    I like it

  114. Ak**** ***h

    Super product

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