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Honey (1 kg)

Multi-flora, healing nectar for your wellness & good health
(213 customer reviews)


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  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Boosts immunity
  • Natural energy booster
  • Useful in cold and cough
  • Rich source of nutrition
  • Helps in weight management
  • Nourishes and soothes your skin

In Ayurveda, honey is known as the “elixir of life.” Ancient Indian sages were known to survive on pure water and honey alone for an extended period of time because honey can provide all the essential nutrients to the human body. In modern times, pure honey is a rare commodity but Jiva has taken upon this herculean task to collect the purest honey from the best apiaries in India. Jiva Honey is sourced from multi-flora and organic environments, which are known to provide the best quality of honey. Multi-flora honey contains more nutrients than single-flower honey. The product goes through stringent quality tests and analysis to ensure superior quality and the best nutritional value. It is enriched with essential nutrients and antioxidants making it a great source of immunity booster and energy. It strengthens the body from within and also nourishes skin and hair when applied topically. It works as a shield to the body by enhancing the body’s ability to fight infections and increasing its defense mechanism against diseases. It also helps to heal external cuts and wounds.


Weak immunity, general debility, fatigue, cold and cough, weight management, skin infections, wounds, cuts, hair and skin appearance.


Jive Honey contains pure honey from natural sources and serves as nature’s energy booster. It is a great immunity system builder and highly effective as a natural remedy for many ailments.

Manufacturer Details:

Mfg. Lic. No.: 703 Ay-Pb

Made In India

  • Pure honey from natural sources
  • Consume 1 teaspooon honey with lukewarm water or milk, twice a day. Can be used as a natural and healthy substitute for sugar.

Please note that the crystallisation of honey is natural in the winters. Keep in the sunlight or pour the honey as required in a small bowl and keep it in warm water. Heating honey directly may cause a change in taste and reduce its nutritional value.

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213 reviews
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213 reviews for Honey (1 kg)

  1. VI**** ***R

  2. G.**** ***Y

  3. Fa**** ***n

  4. Ar**** ***a

  5. SA**** ***A

  6. Sh**** ***j

    No doubt Jiva honey is the best brand among most of the popular honey preparations available.

  7. ra**** ***g

    Natural sweetner that I am using as a replacement of sugar. Very healthy and full of nutrition

  8. Ra**** ***a

    Vary tasty and good for my family

  9. An**** ***a

    One of the best and pure honey that I have got for my family

  10. A **** ***i

    very tasty and natural product

  11. R **** ***g

    Using it for long and found it pure and tasty

  12. Mu**** ***e

    very much natural and taste wise also this is superb.

  13. R **** ***i

    Taste wise this is the best that I have used so far.

  14. Ri**** ***a

    Purest honey that I have used so far and with great taste

  15. Ri**** ***i

    I have tried so many brands but liked the one by Jiva. Its pure and very tasty.

  16. Ri**** ***i

    I have tried so many brands but liked the one by Jiva. Must have for family usage.

  17. SA**** ***V (verified owner)

    Superb honey.
    Flora taste.. Many others cheat.
    This one good product. Plz maintain the quality.

  18. Ab**** ***t

    Rich in taste and texture is also thick

  19. Am**** ***t

    I use this in my diet drink and give it to my kid for sore throat and also to boost his immunity

  20. Bh**** ***r

    I use Jiva honey on daily basis as alternate sugar option in my tea and other items also as it helps in boost immunity and is a healthy option

  21. Ad**** ***a

    Pure honey and nutritious

  22. Bh**** ***h

    Its thick and rich in taste. Best honey.

  23. Ch**** ***g

    100% pure honey

  24. Ak**** ***t

    Best honey in the market

  25. Ch**** ***v

    Very good taste and pure but the packaging needs to be more sturdy

  26. Am**** ***a

    Jiva Honey is by far the best quality honey in the market

  27. Da**** ***h

    Thickness or consistency of the honey is just perfect. Great product for family

  28. An**** ***d

    It has got no added sugar and indeed a value for money

  29. Bh**** ***n

    Jiva honey is an excellent honey. 100% natural honey, loved the taste of this honey

  30. An**** ***h

    I got it for very reasonable price and its tasty with quality. Taste is really good and very thick, smells like wild honey.

  31. Bi**** ***n

    The consistency of the Joiva honey was quite thick and is usually not common with other brands

  32. An**** ***v

    Excellent taste and pure matching the real taste of wild honey I tasted in my village.

  33. Ch**** ***s

    Taste of this honey is really delicious and original

  34. Ar**** ***n

    Taste and aroma of this honey is perfect.

  35. Da**** ***r

    The honey is pure & of very high grade.

  36. Ar**** ***n

    This is my family’s perfect sweet friend.

  37. Da**** ***t

    Honey is my favourite sweetener, the flavour of this honey is really delicious, it tastes original.

  38. As**** ***h

    The thickness and the texture is just the perfect

  39. De**** ***h

    It has that pure taste of honey, which I didn’t find in any other brand. It’s colour is darker, with tiny white bubbles at the surface, which indicates its 100% purity.

  40. Az**** ***d

    Delicious honey, Its taste is different and real which can be felt at the moment you you taste it.

  41. Ka**** ***r

    Best product available in the market

  42. De**** ***u

    Very different from similar products in this price range making it real value for money and tasty and pure

  43. Ha**** ***n

    Natural in taste, and has many nutritional values. Jiva honey is pure and authentic.

  44. Jy**** ***a

    100% natural taste in this product. U would really like it if u had tried natural honey before.

  45. Dh**** ***v

    Good quality honey for daily needs of the complete family

  46. Ju**** ***d

    Nice packing and value for money

  47. Di**** ***r

    The taste and thickness is really good.

  48. Je**** ***t

    I liked the quality and feel total value for money.

  49. Eh**** ***n

    The best thing is packaging which makes it very easy to store anywhere. The taste is just amazing and purity is guranteed

  50. Ja**** ***h

    100% pure and authentic honey

  51. Em**** ***r

    Jiva honey is much better than any other honey available out there, great taste nice packing,

  52. Ja**** ***t

    I bought it for myself and after tasting this I purchased 1 more kg for my parents and I got good response from them.

  53. Fa**** ***n

    Perfect Immune booster and authentic

  54. In**** ***j

    Taste and thickness of this honey is amazing. I use it daily in morning with warm water.

  55. Fa**** ***n

    Pure and authentic honey without sugar

  56. Ga**** ***p

    I liked the flavour as compared to other brands. It is thicker and taste like original raw honey though it’s a processed one.

  57. Im**** ***n

    This honey is one of the best products I’ve had tasted ever

  58. Ga**** ***v

    Good tasting honey from Jiva

  59. Hi**** ***t

    Good honey in affordable price

  60. Ga**** ***m

    Very good in taste and very affordable too, thickness is also good

  61. Gu**** ***p

    Great value for this amount of honey. Quality/taste is best.

  62. Gi**** ***h

    Taste like honey unlike other products that are full of sugar

  63. Pa**** ***z

    Simply loved the flavour of this honey, packaging is also good which makes it sturdy and easy to store as well.

  64. Ka**** ***k

    It tastes too good and was packaged well. It has perfect flavor and i love it

  65. Pa**** ***n

    The flavour is perfect with no added sugar. The packaging is simple and its pocket friendly too.

  66. Ka**** ***n

    Best product as compared to other brands

  67. Pa**** ***h

    I found this product very nice in flavour as well as thickness and clearity.

  68. Kh**** ***d

    I liked the quality and purity. Packaging can be improved

  69. Pa**** ***h

    The brand name one can easily trust for pure and genuine product.

  70. Ks**** ***j

    Best product from the brand and its pure and without sugar

  71. Pr**** ***v

    Taste and smell good.

  72. Ku**** ***t

    Honey is really pure with a great taste, very good in flavor.

  73. Pa**** ***t

    It is full of many good properties which is necessary for a healthy life style. We can use it in deserts and can have it on regular basis.

  74. Lo**** ***h

    Very good, authentic and pure honey from the brand.

  75. On**** ***r

    It is one of the best honey with no sugar and authenticity

  76. Ma**** ***v

    I love the taste of it , it seems pure and I use it daily with lukewarm water

  77. Om**** ***m

    Best honey

  78. Mo**** ***d

    Best source of sweetener and helps in reducing weight

  79. Pu**** ***b

    very useful at the time of cold and cough for kids and for everyone. This honey is pure and authentic

  80. Mr**** ***l

    I liked the taste and texture, smoothness and the aroma. Best honey used so far.

  81. Oj**** ***s

    Effective and pure honey from Jiva to be sued as a natural sweetener

  82. Na**** ***t

    Jiva honey is perfect among all other brands available in market, meeting all standards

  83. Ni**** ***h

    Best honey and sweetener to be used for all purpose.

  84. Ra**** ***p

    Thick and pure honey from a trusted brand.

  85. Ni**** ***l

    The taste itself gives its authenticity and recollect the flavour of our childhood.

  86. Re**** ***n

    100% Pure & Natural Honey with Amazing Taste

  87. Ni**** ***t

    Thickness is good enough to make it pure honey.

  88. Sa**** ***t

    Purity and authenticity is guaranteed and its very good in taste

  89. Ro**** ***n

    Its pure and taste is good as compared to other brands

  90. Sh**** ***y

    This honey is really nice and the flavour is too good.

  91. Sa**** ***l

    This honey is quite thick which makes it best honey at this affordable price range. Packaging is also good

  92. Ta**** ***n

    Good product with thickness and authenticity

  93. Sa**** ***n

    Pure and original honey

  94. Sw**** ***n

    Pure, tasty and authentic honey from Jiva

  95. Sa**** ***h

    I love the taste and the quality is amazing. I am a regular user of Jiva honey and very happy with the purchase

  96. Te**** ***s

    Taste and texture is very authentic. Loved it.

  97. Ud**** ***t

    Best honey ever with purity

  98. Sa**** ***r

    Good honey and the best of all other brands

  99. Um**** ***g

    honey quality is good and its delicious

  100. Sa**** ***t

    Brilliant taste and the real deal!

  101. Um**** ***r

    After so many years of fake honey consumption, this is the real taste with purity that I found in Jiva honey

  102. Sa**** ***y

    good product

  103. Va**** ***n

    Best in quality and purity

  104. Sh**** ***d

    Real honey ,from first drop to last drop and its taste is also superb.

  105. Sh**** ***u

    Nice product with thickness and authenticity

  106. Sh**** ***r

    The best honey available in the market with purity, authenticity and no sugar

  107. Si**** ***h

    Amazing taste and thickness is also good. Best honey for immunity boosting

  108. Sp**** ***h

    full of taste and best product

  109. Zu**** ***n

    its thickness is best compared to any other product

  110. Su**** ***r

    Best honey with quality

  111. Ze**** ***n

    Excellent quality and value for honey

  112. Su**** ***n

    taste and thickness is good

  113. Ya**** ***h

    taste is amazing and its pure

  114. Tu**** ***r

    Best honey in the market

  115. Vi**** ***y

    its flavour is very good

  116. Ve**** ***r

    it tastes like honey as compared to other products available in the market

  117. Vi**** ***r

    good product and its thick pure honey

  118. Aa**** ***a

    My family love its taste too much and use it regularly

  119. Ha**** ***t

    True to its name with purity and taste, the best honey.

  120. Aa**** ***h

    Nice product at reasonable rate and its flavour is nice.

  121. Ha**** ***i

    Nice product with purity

  122. Aa**** ***a

    Honey from known brand so no doubt about its authenticity and purity, go for it.

  123. Gu**** ***n

    Best product with great taste and thickness

  124. Aa**** ***a

    Rich in taste and pure

  125. Ge**** ***a

    Best product from Jiva with purity and great taste

  126. Ad**** ***i

    best product for weight management and its not filled with sugar

  127. Ga**** ***i

    Jiva has always been a trusted brand and its honey is a product that’s always available in my kitchen.

  128. Ai**** ***a

    Amazing product with taste and purity

  129. Ga**** ***r

    Real product

  130. Am**** ***a

    Best product with authenticity

  131. Ga**** ***a

    Tasty and great product for my family

  132. An**** ***i

    good product with thickness and taste

  133. Fa**** ***a

    Flavour is superb

  134. An**** ***a

    this is the best product

  135. Fa**** ***h

    Perfect product for complete family with a great taste

  136. Ap**** ***a

    good product

  137. Fa**** ***i

    Ordered it for the seventh time and honey looks natural as always.

  138. Ar**** ***t

    Healthy natural sweetener for my family

  139. Ek**** ***a

    Value for Money and is the only natural sweetener

  140. Ar**** ***a

    Great product

  141. Di**** ***a

    Amazing product

  142. Ar**** ***a

    Excellent taste with 100% purity

  143. De**** ***a

    100% pure and consistent

  144. Ar**** ***o

    Taste and thickness is good. Jiva is maintaining the standard.

  145. De**** ***a

    Awesome product

  146. Ay**** ***a

    Perfect for all family members and specially good for weight management

  147. Ch**** ***a

    Thickness is good and its 100% pure

  148. Ba**** ***r

    Jiva honey is best for all season and a great product

  149. Ch**** ***i

    Nice product

  150. Bh**** ***e

    I just love the taste of this honey as its pure and without sugar

  151. Ch**** ***a

    This honey serves the purpose of natural sweetener

  152. Bh**** ***a

    Best product with purity and great taste

  153. Ch**** ***a

    Worth buying.. pure and genuine honey!!

  154. Bh**** ***i

    Its a great deal, Pure honey. I always buy Jiva honey and using it for years.

  155. Bi**** ***a

    I buy many products of Jiva and this honey is up to my expectations. One of the best product in the market.

  156. Na**** ***z

    It has and amazing taste and free from sugar

  157. In**** ***i

    Nice product with quality

  158. Me**** ***r

    Best Honey in the market

  159. Ir**** ***a

    Amazing honey from Jiva

  160. Me**** ***a

    quality honey with great taste

  161. Ja**** ***n

    I love this honey and use it for my family

  162. Ma**** ***a

    Very tasty honey and good for weight management

  163. Ja**** ***i

    This is the purest honey I have seen in the market and taste amazing

  164. Ma**** ***a

    I am using it for the past 3 years and its a part of my daily diet.

  165. Jy**** ***a

    Amazing product with zero sugar

  166. Ma**** ***h

    this Honey is good for regular use on daily basis and for complete family

  167. Ka**** ***i

    best honey available in the market

  168. Lo**** ***a

    I have never found any honey like this which is so pure.

  169. Ka**** ***a

    Nice product for full family

  170. Le**** ***a

    Amazing taste and free from sugar.

  171. Ka**** ***a

    Best honey with natural thickness and taste

  172. La**** ***a

    This is the best natural sweetener

  173. La**** ***a

    Excellent taste with purity and free from sugar

  174. La**** ***a

    very tasty and good for family. I use it regularly for my weight reduction and in other diets.

  175. Sh**** ***z

    Honey is tasty and good for regular use

  176. Na**** ***a

    Awesome honey by Jiva

  177. Sh**** ***n

    Best taste in honey compared to any other brand

  178. Na**** ***i

    It feel like natural honey with a great immunity boosting capacity

  179. Sa**** ***h

    Super tasty and perfect for family

  180. Na**** ***s

    Best honey !!!

  181. Sa**** ***a

    Perfect honey for family and to be used as a natural sweetener

  182. Ni**** ***a

    amazing taste and thickness

  183. Sa**** ***a

    Best honey in taste and perfect for all purpose.

  184. No**** ***r

    Taste of this honey is natural and thickness is also good.

  185. Sa**** ***a

    Amazing honey from Jiva with great taste

  186. Pa**** ***z

    Rich taste and its a natural sweetener

  187. Ru**** ***a

    This is a great product for Honey users there with Good Quality

  188. Pa**** ***d

    Consistency of the honey is smooth and has no crystallization taking place or forming at the base of the Jar

  189. Ri**** ***a

    I have been consuming it since two and half year. No broken cap received, no damaged product received ever. So, presentation is good enough along with quality

  190. Pi**** ***a

    Amazing and quality product by Jiva

  191. Re**** ***i

    Excellent quality honey with great taste

  192. Po**** ***a

    best honey among other brands with natural taste

  193. Ra**** ***a

    Very good honey

  194. Pr**** ***t

    great honey from Jiva with thickness and taste

  195. Ra**** ***a

    the product is fine and I had no complaints for the quality of the honey

  196. Pr**** ***t

    Taste is favourable and better than other bigger branded honey from the market.

  197. Sh**** ***n

    Great product with awesome taste

  198. Sh**** ***a

    good product

  199. Sh**** ***i

    Amazing quality honey from Jiva

  200. Sh**** ***a

    Since I have already used this honey, it’s quite good

  201. Sh**** ***i

    I liked the taste as its pure and natural and without any added sugar

  202. Sh**** ***a

    Best honey used so far and its a natural sweetener

  203. Si**** ***n

    Useful for every common man and available at reasonable price

  204. Su**** ***i

    Full of nutrition and without any adulterated sugar content

  205. Ta**** ***a

    Me and my family just love the taste of this honey. Its awesome !!

  206. Ta**** ***i

    Nothing is better than Jiva honey in taste and thickness

  207. Ta**** ***a

    This honey is value for money. I had reordered, tastes amazing, smells awesome, consistency/ thickness is good and reasonably priced.

  208. Ki**** ***a (verified owner)

    It taste like natural smell of pure honey.lots of adulation.

  209. He**** ***e (verified owner)

    Nice product to uae .Better than other honey available in the market.

  210. gr**** ***e

    I am constantly browsing online for tips that can help me. Thx!

  211. zo**** ***l

    My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  212. gr**** ***e

    A person necessarily assist to make severely posts I would state. This is the very first time I frequented your web page and to this point? I surprised with the research you made to make this actual submit extraordinary. Fantastic process!

  213. gr**** ***e

    I admire your work, appreciate it for all the interesting articles.

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