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Hand Sanitizer 120ml (pack of 5)

Ayurvedic Herbal Hand Sanitizer with natural Neem bio-actives
(103 customer reviews)


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  • Sanitizes hand
  • Destroys germs and pathogens
  • Regular use recommended

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Jiva Herbal Hand Sanitizer is a unique hand-sanitizer enhanced with the natural germicidal properties of Neem. For best results, wash your hands repeatedly several times a day, and especially after coming from outside.


Neem has active anti-bacterial and germicidal properties which effectively neutralizes common germs and pathogens.



NOTE: Keep away from the reach of children, or exposed flame. Avoid eye cpntact. In case of irritation, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Manufacturer Details:

Mfg. Lic. No.: 110-ISM(HR)

Made In India

  • Neem
  • Alcohol-base

Take 0.5 ml of the gel on your palms. Rub well over the palms, back of your hands, fingernails, and grooves briskly, until it becomes dry. No water is required after use. Jiva Herbal Hand Sanitizer is absolutely safe for regular use.

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103 reviews
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103 reviews for Hand Sanitizer 120ml (pack of 5)

  1. Da**** ***l

  2. SA**** ***H

  3. An**** ***a

    Very soothing smell and its easy to carry.

  4. A **** ***i

    Really helpful in this pandemic and its smell is also good.

  5. R **** ***g

    Best solution available in the market

  6. R **** ***g

    Very soothing smell and effective

  7. Mu**** ***e

    Nice product with efficacy

  8. R **** ***i

    Best product with a great smell

  9. Ri**** ***a

    One of the best ayurvedic sanitiser with neem and a soothing smell.

  10. Ri**** ***i

    Very easy to carry and effective product.

  11. Ri**** ***a

    Easy pack to be carried at all the time.

  12. Ab**** ***t

    Best Product

  13. Ch**** ***s

    Good product

  14. An**** ***v

    Good and easy to carry

  15. Da**** ***r


  16. Az**** ***d

    Superb product

  17. De**** ***u

    Very good and effective

  18. Ga**** ***m

    Nice product

  19. Ga**** ***m

    Perfect one to carry and effective

  20. Ja**** ***t

    Good one from Jiva

  21. Eh**** ***n

    Too good with nice fragrance

  22. Ga**** ***p

    Very nice product

  23. Ha**** ***n

    Great smelling sanitizer. Effective and efficient

  24. In**** ***j

    Satisfied & better than other brands

  25. Ju**** ***d

    Effective and just perfect

  26. Je**** ***t

    Nice on skin, can be used multiple times in a day without causing roughness on hands.

  27. Ka**** ***k

    Doesn’t dry my hands at all after usage

  28. Lo**** ***h

    Good quality, no stickiness, strong essence and feel of ethanol, value for money.

  29. Ma**** ***v

    Very effective and good for regular usage

  30. Ma**** ***v

    It is not sticky on hands , quickly evaporates and mild fragrance

  31. Mr**** ***l

    Its a good product with nicer fragrance

  32. Ni**** ***l

    Best sanitiser out there in the market

  33. Ni**** ***h

    Good product and have been using for more than 8 months

  34. On**** ***r

    Excellent product

  35. Pa**** ***h

    I like the product as its soft on skin

  36. Pa**** ***h

    The most required product in this pandemic and this one is the best

  37. Sh**** ***u

    Authentic and excellent product

  38. Sp**** ***h

    A quality product from Jiva

  39. Tu**** ***r

    Excellent packaging with great product

  40. Vi**** ***r

    Nice product for complete family

  41. Zu**** ***n

    Best in this segment and effective product

  42. Um**** ***g

    Good value for money

  43. Sw**** ***n

    Effective with good fragrance

  44. Am**** ***a

    Very safe to use on hands and smell is good.

  45. Ap**** ***a

    Good fragrance and nice product

  46. Ay**** ***a

    Genuine alcohol based sanitizer

  47. Bh**** ***i

    Percentage of alcohol seems to be very accurate.

  48. Ch**** ***i

    Great product at reasonable price

  49. De**** ***a

    Very nice product with efficacy

  50. Fa**** ***i

    This sanitiser is very good and effective. I tested it as per consumer guidelines.

  51. Ga**** ***r

    Very good smell and also cleans the hand as said. No residue left on hand.

  52. Ha**** ***t

    Effectiveness and good for hands

  53. Ja**** ***i

    Superb product

  54. Ge**** ***a

    Best product and safe for hands too

  55. Ch**** ***a

    Effective for cleaning hands and fight with virus

  56. Ga**** ***a

    Good option in place of hand wash while travelling

  57. Ka**** ***a

    Good quality

  58. Pa**** ***z

    Fragrance is good and good packaging

  59. Ma**** ***a

    Good for regular usage

  60. Sh**** ***n

    Its pack of 5 bottles, fragrance is mild and I liked it too much.

  61. Sh**** ***a

    amazing product from the brand with good fragrance and effectiveness

  62. Ta**** ***a

    Nice product and easy to carry for regular usage

  63. Ad**** ***a

    Good product

  64. Ak**** ***t

    Good for regular use with harm on skin

  65. Am**** ***t

    Good and effective product

  66. Am**** ***a

    Nice product with mild fragrance

  67. An**** ***d

    Fragrance is mild and soft on hands

  68. An**** ***h

    It doesn’t dry the hands after use

  69. Ar**** ***n

    Its good and safe for hands

  70. Ar**** ***n

    very effective and nice packaging

  71. As**** ***h

    Must have product and its natural with good fragrance

  72. Bh**** ***r

    Good natural product

  73. Bh**** ***h

    Good product

  74. Bh**** ***h

    Useful for regular and daily usage inside and outside home

  75. Bh**** ***n

    Must have and its is easy to carry

  76. Ch**** ***g

    Amazing product quality

  77. Da**** ***h

    Nice product

  78. Bi**** ***n

    Product is packed well with natural ingredients and it moisturise also

  79. Ch**** ***v

    Easy to carry and good product

  80. Dh**** ***v

    I always carry this with me as its easy and effective

  81. De**** ***h

    Good product and easy to use

  82. Da**** ***t

    Using it regularly in office and at home. Best product available in the market.

  83. Fa**** ***n

    Nice fragrance and a good product for this pandemic

  84. Di**** ***r

    Very effective

  85. Em**** ***r

    Easy of usage and carrying it anywhere because of the packaging

  86. Gi**** ***h


  87. Gi**** ***h

    Nice product

  88. Fa**** ***n

    good product for regular usage

  89. Ga**** ***v

    good fragrance

  90. Gu**** ***p

    effective and easy to carry

  91. Hi**** ***t

    soft on hands

  92. Im**** ***n

    very good prouct

  93. Ja**** ***h

    great product

  94. Jy**** ***a

    packaging is nice and good product

  95. Ka**** ***r


  96. Mo**** ***d

    must have product for everyone

  97. Ku**** ***t


  98. Ks**** ***j

    just perfect for daily use

  99. Kh**** ***d

    amazing product

  100. Ka**** ***n

    This is the best one available in market with mild fragrance

  101. Oj**** ***s

    very good product

  102. Ni**** ***t

    good product for family

  103. Na**** ***t

    nice product

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