How to Enjoy a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

Jun 01, 2019 Jiva Ayurveda 0

During pregnancy, it’s extremely important for a woman to be in a positive frame of mind so that she’s able to give her child a great environment to grow in. Here are a few things you can do to develop some healthy habits through the course of your pregnancy.

Educate yourself on pregnancy

Read up about the ways in which your body is changing and the stages in which your baby is growing. Being well-informed and emotionally open about the whole process will help you enjoy and cherish this phase.

Have a well-balanced diet

Eat fresh and healthy fruits, dry fruits, and vegetables. Drink milk at least twice a day. Also, do not forget to drink water as much as possible. Avoid caffeine and go for herbal tea.

Remain active but don’t forget to take rest

Regular exercise will reward you with better posture, reduced back pain, better digestion, and more energy. Exercises like brisk walking or light swimming are good. Certain yoga asanas are also recommended during pregnancy, but make sure you consult a Jiva doctor before you start doing yoga.

Talk to your baby

You can make a bond with the foetus as young as ten weeks. And after the 1st trimester, the foetus can respond to your voice, light, music, and other sounds.

Prepare yourself for responsibility

Pregnancy brings with it immense physical, mental, psychological, and financial responsibilities. Stay strong and do pranayama to curb anxiety and stress.

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