How Panchakarma Treats Psychological Disorders

May 28, 2019 Jiva Ayurveda 0

Manovikar (psychological disorders) are caused when Gunas and Doshas go out of harmony and become distorted. Panchakarma re-establishes balance in the Doshas and cultivates Sattva Guna through counselling. Panchakarma has a five-fold effect on the Manas (psyche) and delivers a holistic healing experience.

Increases Ojas

Ojas is the essence of health and it is created when the body is well nourished, all doshas are in balance and there are no toxins in the body. Panchakarma brings all factors to the perfect state in order to increase production of Ojas.

Enhances Sattva

A lot of psychological problems are caused because of gunic distortions. Tamas and Rajas guna agitates the mind, so Panchakarma counsellor guides you how to cultivate Sattva guna.

Balances Vata dosha

Panchakarma reduces the toxic load from your body and balances Vata dosha which dominates the nervous system and is the root-cause of many psychological problems.

Strengthens nerve tissues

Panchakarma uses medicated oil to strengthen the nerve tissues and empowers it to withstand the effects of stress and anxiety of daily life and prevents degeneration.

Rejuvenates the nervous system

Massages, fomentation and enemas restore the normal functions of the entire nervous system by rejuvenating it.

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