Ama: The Underlying Cause of Prostate Problems

Jun 01, 2019 Jiva Ayurveda 0

There are many causes of prostate problems – lack of adequate fluids in the body, overuse of shukra dhatu, and suppressing the urge to urinate. However, the one common factor that seems to be triggering prostate-related complications is accumulation of ama (toxins in the body). While ageing in itself can lead to the production of excess ama in the body, ama is primarily a byproduct of poor diet and lifestyle and weak metabolism.

Here are some ways in which ama leads to prostate problems

  • Excess ama in the body impairs all bone and dhatu formation. In particular, it mixes with nutrient and blood fluid (rasa and rakta dhatu), leading to enlargement of muscle and fat tissues and the prostate.
  • Ama also pollutes the urine – one of the three malas of the body (the other two being faeces and sweat). When that happens, the urine is no longer able to purify the body. Instead, it becomes prone to bacterial infection because of overload of ama, leading to problems in the prostate and the urinary tract.
  • If an individual has imbalanced shleshaka kapha, there can be further complications. This subdosha of kapha is responsible for lubricating the joints and regulating the body fluids. The ama mixes with shleshaka kapha and weakens the immune system even further.

To prevent prostate problems, it’s important to regulate your diet and lifestyle, thereby discouraging the production of ama. Fix your meal times, don’t eat food that’s stale, and try and get some exercises to break your sedentary lifestyle. Also, include spices like turmeric, cumin, and fennel in your cooking. They inhibit build up of ama and fight infection in the body.

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