6 Home Remedies For Relief in Upset Stomach

May 28, 2019 Jiva Ayurveda 0

A stomach upset usually occurs due to overeating or eating too quickly. If chronic stomach upset is not treated timely, it can lead to an irritable bowel, indigestion, stomach ulcer, gastritis, appendicitis, Crohn’s Disease etc. Below are some of the natural home remedies that can be used to curb an upset stomach: Ginger tea: This is one of the most popular and time-tested home remedies for an upset stomach. Although, make sure not to consume ginger in excess as it can cause heartburn or gallstone. To make this tea, boil a 1-inch piece of ginger along with your regular tea preparation.

Lemon juice

Consuming a concoction of lemon juice, honey, and water is the simplest and the most effective way to curb stomach upset related symptoms like nausea and acidity.


Boil minced cinnamon in water and have it an hour before meals to avoid an upset stomach.

Black pepper

Swallow five black peppers with a glass of water. This works as an effective natural cure for an upset stomach.

Methi seeds

Combine 1/2 tsp of fenugreek and cumin seeds each in 4 tsp of yogurt and consume four times a day. This is one of the most therapeutic home remedies for an upset stomach and diarrhoea.

Garlic oil

Massage the abdominal area with warm garlic infused oil. This helps in easing an upset stomach and abdominal pain.

Apart from these remedies, eat bananas, rice, oatmeal, coconut water, veggie soup, yogurt, and buttermilk to ease digestion. Moreover, eat your food slowly and chew it properly to facilitate proper digestion. Avoid the consumption of dairy products, nuts, and spicy food as much as possible.