5 Reasons Why You Should Use Neem Oil in Your Everyday Routine

May 22, 2019 Jiva Ayurveda 0

Neem (Margosa) is a widely used herb in Ayurveda for the treatment of any skin and hair problem. Whether you take it in organic form or Neem-based product, it is always a better option than any other chemical products. Neem oil is one form of this herb which can be used for many reasons. Here we have listed few benefits of this oil that we can use in our everyday life:

Fights Acne

Neem oil is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory property. It prohibits the growth of bacteria thereby reduces itchiness, redness and pain caused due to acne. Jiva Neem Face Wash is a pure herbal product that prevents acne and breakouts.

Helpful in Psoriasis

Any skin disease that occurs due to the bacteria or germs can be treated with neem oil. It moisturizes the skin, prevents it from dryness and controls the itchiness.

Fights Body Odour

The bad smell in sweat is caused by what we eat and also produced by bacteria living on our skin. Bathing with neem oil helps in killing these bacteria and reduces body odour in summer. Jiva Neem Soap is enriched with neem oil and tea tree oil and also gives you long lasting freshness. Lice Treatment : Hair lice are very common among children. People use many chemicals to get rid of it, which can be harmful for your child. You can use neem oil on the scalp and leave it overnight. This is a great remedy to get rid of lice.

Controls Dandruff

Neem oil is a widely used ingredient in many herbal shampoos. Regular usage of neem oil or Jiva Neem Shampoo prevents fungal infection of your scalp and minimise the itchiness and dryness that causes dandruff.