3 effective Ayurvedic remedies to control hair loss

May 22, 2019 Jiva Ayurveda 0

Stress, using harsh chemicals and brushing hair roughly can damage the hair from the roots. The result is hair fall! Even young people are worried because of this problem nowadays. Using more chemicals to prevent hair loss only makes the problem worse. Here is a list of Ayurvedic options that can be effective in hair loss problem:

Triphala Churna

This is a very effective herbal medicine for hair loss treatment. You can either apply Jiva Triphala Churna with coconut oil on your scalp or can consume it everyday with water. The ingredients used in Triphala Churna is very effective for proper digestion and other health problems. Haritaki and Amla used in the preparation of this medicine is the most effective Ayurvedic medicine for hair problems.


This ayurvedic supplement is loaded with various herbs and natural products. Made from a number of natural ingredients like Amla, Neem, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Brahmi and many other herbal products which are very good for your health. Jiva Chayawanprasha improves your overall health –from digestive system, respiratory problem, skin disease, blood purification and many more. This is an absolute must have supplement as a part of your daily life.

Amla (Gooseberry) Juice

We all know that Amla also called as Amlaki is a very powerful antioxidant that provides relief from many health problems like hair, skin, heart, eye, digestion etc. Regular intake of 20-30ml Jiva Amla Juice prevents from many health problems including hair loss.

For effective cure from hair fall, we suggest you to use Ayurvedic hair oil, herbal shampoo and ayurvedic medicine. If the problem is severe, you can consult Jiva Ayurvedic doctor and he will help you with exact dosage and proper medication technique.